• The real life super Honda dream bike

    The dark Knight Batpod is all that you can ever dream of This is killer while we talk of its looks while the performance is certainly all the more greater and far better than any other super machine

  • Sometimes you get to fly a motorcycle

    Yes you read that right We are talking about the Allison Turbine Jet Bike which is a revolutionary and inspiring cruiser that is powered by Allison turbine The body has been hand crafted

  • Welcome to the worlds largest Dirt Bike

    You thought biking was just limited to a typical two seater Well its time you think of it all over again Dirt bikes are all about big and huge massive machines that change and redefine the concept of biking altogether

  • The Zecoo Akira electric bike-finally out

    This happens when dreams turn into reality miracles are bound to happen The Zecoo electric stunner bike Akira is finally out and it looks absolutely gorgeous to be precise

  • A Closer look at the Indian Scout

    Well we would hate to admit it but we certainly have given upon and being take away by the mesmerizing looks of the upcoming all new revamped and fine tuned box of wonder

  • A wonderful wonder from Ducati is finally just around the corner

    This bike is certainly very popular all across the globe It indeed has managed to garner a huge fan following in many countries of the world

  • Now CNG on two wheels

    The Govt has finally launched the first batch of the much waited and inventive CNG powered 2-wheeler The kit shall comprise of 2 cylinders

  • Colin Furzes homemade invention is ruling the web

    Coiln who is nodded a backyard inventor has proven some of his amazing engineering expertise He has strapped two of the two-stroke parajet motors with propellers right into a metal frame that looks pretty much like a hoverbike

  • Riding on a two wheeler Biker Is a thing of the past

    This is all about the electric RYNO scooter and this runs on typically just one wheel and it would never make you fall not even for once Estimated at a price of $ 5300 this single wheeled marvel gets its power from batteries and can speed up to 10mph

  • Honda Navi the new flavor in the Automobile Zest

    Being one of the boldest steps taken by the Honda Motors this new invention stands out in the crowd of several others for obvious reasons This is based on the Activa platform but you can expect the bike to be a lot lighter