India made Ford EcoSport SUV To Be Exported to Europe

The upcoming made-in-India model of EcoSport SUV being exported to Europe sensing market potential.

The Ford EcoSport SUV exports to Europe on account of the great market potential being sensed by the American car maker. As per Joginder Sigh, the President and Managing Director of Ford India, the company has plans to export the Indian made model of EcoSport to European markets as they feel that the Ford EcoSport SUV specifications and features closely matches with those admired by Europeans. Ford India at the same time also aims for becoming an export hub for several other major markets that have been chosen as next destinations of EcoSport SUV for upcoming months. The car apart from all other features has been in news for its EcoBoost petrol engine that promises better fuel efficacy along with lower emissions. The final launch of the SUV has been dated after closing of the current marketing campaign that is being carried out throughout India by Ford.
Figo is already being exported by Ford to 38 nations across the world from India, but till date was out of consideration. But in case of EcoSport, the car fits much with European market structure and demand therefore they are planning to export it there he added at last.
Apart from India, the SUV will be launched in Brazil, China, and Mexico. The car adorns a 1.0 Liter EcoBoost petrol power mill that has capacity to churn out power worth 91 PS. This cool power sources promises an exceptional mileage of 17 kpl. 
When asked about the price of the car Mr. Singh giving an indirect cue about the price said that it will be taking advantage of the 12% concession on excise duty that is being provided to all compact and small cars. So it can be easily inferred that the SUV will be priced in the range of Rs.5.9 lakhs – Rs.6 lakhs. While the top end model of this car will be priced in the Rs.9 lakh bracket.
Short Summary: Ford is planning to export the EcoSport SUV to European nations as the maker finds the vehicle fit enough to cater European demands. The car is yet to be launched in Indian sub-continent. The main feature of the car for which it is being talked about is the 1.0 Liter EcoBoost petrol engine that will deliver power equivalent to 1.6 Liter power mill. Apart from this the engine also promises power worth 91 PS and a mileage of 17 kpl. The car being a sub-four meter SUV will be availing the 12% off on excise duty, therefore the final price range of this car can be estimated between Rs.5.9 lakhs and Rs.6 lakhs. While for the top end model the price can be expected around Rs.9 lakhs.