Ford Focus Titled as Best Selling Car in 2012

Ford Focus has been claimed as one of the world?s top selling car of 2012. The other two cars that follow it on second and third rank are Toyota Corolla and Ford?s F-series respectively.

This data has been provided by Polk that keeps a check of information on new vehicles registration. In the year 2012, Ford traded more than 1.02 million Focus models  while Toyota traded a bit less than 873, 000, and the number of units of Ford’s  F-series trucks amounted to 785, 500 units. However, the most interesting vehicle is the vehicle that took the fourth position.

The Wuling Zhiguang that is nothing more than an odd shaped small van in China acquired the fourth position of most sold vehicles around the globe in 2012. Wuling is company with two joint owners SAIC Motors and General Motors. The interesting fact is that the best-selling vehicle from General Motors is an ugly looking truck. Only one vehicle other than this that managed to reach top ten was Chevrolet Cruze. Cruze acquired 8th position in the countdown owing to its sales figure worth 661, 000 units.

Some of the other vehicles that made to this top ten list were Volkswagen Golf that sold little under 700, 000 units, Toyota Camry that sold 729, 800 units, Ford Fiesta that traded 723, 100 units, Honda CR-V that sold 625, 000 units, and Honda Civic that sold 651, 160 units of vehicles.

The sold car numbers however received a setback on account of the economic crisis that has gripped Europe. Also several other nation’s economies have been dwindling due to slowdown and currency fluctuations. This has caused a direct effect on car sales.