2013 Ford Mondeo Showcased at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show

2013 Ford Mondeo shines in Shanghai, car gives a straight challenge to Korean cars in looks.

The fifth generation Ford Mondeo shined at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show recently. Ford sincerity towards the Chinese market is clear from the number of vehicles it has introduced this year in Shanghai. Apart from Mondeo other vehicles that have been introduced in the show are Kuga SUV, Focus ST, Focus, Fiesta, Fiesta ST, and so forth. All these models have been designed and revamped in accordance with needs and requirements of Chinese Auto Market.

The mid-size that has been introduced at last gives a straight challenge too Koreans cars in terms of looks. It seems that through this model the American car maker wants to let everyone know it is not only the east nations who can design good cars. The bigger news apart from all these features is the global debut of the four cylinder 1.5 liter EcoBoost power plant that steals the complete show.
The engine has been bestowed to Ford Fusion sedan and the European version of Mondeo. This engine will carry capacity to smoke power worth 180 PS against a maximum torque worth 240 Nm. The power output of this power mill is quite similar to that of 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine but this promises less CO2 emissions along with improved fuel efficacy.

Mondeo is another hit launch from the American car maker in China after Kuga SUV. Kuga managed to trade approx. 10, 000 units within first month of its launch. And the same figure rose to 38, 000 by end of first quarter of 2013. It seems that Ford is getting along the tastes and needs of Chinese masses. But the main challenge lies ahead from here as all car makers from around the world have turned their focus to grab a slice of the biggest automobile market of the world. Ford’s move to come up against this challenged will be closely watched and observed by all in upcoming time.