SKODA new compact sedan Xin Rui launched in 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

Detail information on New compact sedan SKODA, SKODA Rapid Xin Rui, SKODA new compact sedan Xin Rui launched in 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

It was a pleasant experience to see SKODA Rapid at 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The new compact sedan SKODA Rapid Xin Rui finally joined the league of the vehicles that have been designed with a view of need and desires of Chinese customers by Global brands. This new sedan will be hitting Chinese markets in the same month. This new sedan that has been designed especially for the Chinese customers is being offered with nine different packages. 
This new compact sedan offers much more space and a better designed with an improved functionality. Apart from this, the car also embraces number of new safety features and highly fuel efficient power mills. The vehicle will also allow customers to customize the safety and comfort requirements of their car as per their choice. These 9 equipment packages will help buyers in choosing different features. Rapid is being offered in China with two petrol engines, one MPI/66 1.9 PS, and MPI/81 2PS engine. 
SKODA aims at expanding its sales in China to .5 million units annually. The company is also planning to increase its range of vehicles that will include SKODA Rapid SUV Yeti and Xin Rui both. Both these vehicles are being introduced in China in current year and are accounting to be 4th and 5th vehicle to be launched by SKODA in Chinese auto market. Winfried Vahland, SKODA’s CEO, said on the occasion that in upcoming years SKODA Rapid is very important for their growth in Chinese markets. China is the key driver of their growth at present. And they are looking forward to expand in the market with new model in upcoming times. Rapid has all the features that will make it a successful vehicle in all terms. It is featured with lots of space, high value, great functionality, comprehensive safety aspects, economical power mills, and very unique design. Xin Rui is the new SKODA class for Chinese market he added.