New Honda JADE MPV for China at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

Honda JADE at the Shanghai Auto Show mainly targets Chinese Market.

The new Honda JADE that is being showcased at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show is the production version of the 2013 Honda Concept S MPV that was previously seen in 2013 Beijing Motor Show. The MPV will be sold by Dongfeng Honda and will hit showrooms by September this year. The name of the Honda JADE 2013 was inspired by the JADE stone which also explains the green color of the car. The car is being displayed in this color in Shanghai. But how many buyers would like to go for this color is actually a big question.
JADE looks more like a global car rather than being any area specific. It is true that at present it is targeting only the Chinese market but that can be understood considering the fact that at present it is only the Chinese market that is on boom. Rest all markets are doomed because of economic slowdown. It is also being assumed that the basic design of Honda JADE will be used as an inspiring platform for the next generation Honda Stream. The shape and dynamics of this MPV looks much better than the Honda CRIDER that was also designed only for the Chinese markets. 
Apart from this car, there are several other cars that are in line to show up at the Shanghai Auto Show. The western markets and North American markets are all diseased by saturation and slowdown which is one of the main reasons why all major car makers are pushed to showcase their cars in eastern markets. Indian market is not being targeted at the moment as from last one year it has also been gripped by sluggishness. China being the only healthy market is turning out to be center of all latest innovations that are happening in auto world.