Fiat 500 Abarth Gets Automatic Transmission

Fiat automatic transmission - Fiat?s next move towards a wider customer's base.

Till date, Fist 500 Abarth adorned only a manual transmission, but since the Italian car maker is looking to stretch its reach to customers “Fiat Automatic Transmission 500 Abarth” will soon become a reality. The manual transmission version is more of a choice of men rather than women. Almost, 80 percent of people that were buying 500 Abarth till date were men. Now, by introducing automatic transmission Fiat plans to lure in female buyers as well. The car with this modification will be known as new Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio.

At present, the Fiat 500 Abarth features several accessories packages along with many power sources option. Some of the highlighting ones are Turbo models and Gucci trims along with an upcoming battery operated model. The North American President of Fiat, Tim Kuniskis, said that they expect more of women buyers with the introduction of automatic transmission feature. They have decided to add this feature only as a result of customer’s demand.

The hatchback has yet been able to lure in maximum males due to the presence of several famous models in the marketing campaign of 500 Abarth such as Charlie Sheen. The celebrity effect on car sales can be seen with one more of Fiat car’s example. The cart was a non-performer but its sales have increased since Jennifer Lopez has been featured in one of its commercial.
As per statistics, only 45 percent of women in US are women while in Europe the same percentage goes up to 75 percent in Europe. Initially, addition of this new feature was a big question of them but they were compelled to add this feature on customer’s demand. The newly styled 500 Abarth will be soon hitting the floors.